What Makes A Strong Real Estate Leader

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Demonstrating authentic leadership in real estate

Being a Realtor is a people-centered business. It is a profession that depends on personal connections, listening, building relationships and communication. The real estate professional combines quick thinking, strategy, creativity, and strong people skills. For Realtors, some of these skills are inherent, and for others they learn as they go. If you were to ask any successful Realtor the secret to their success, most would tell you they had a great manager to help them learn the ropes. If you hope to become a mentor yourself one day, here are six things you can do to be a successful real estate leader.

1. They are good listeners

New Realtors always have many questions. They need to work with a leader who is willing to listen to their comments and concerns and offer constructive help and advice. A strong real estate leader will listen carefully to the suggestions of their agents, and respond in a way that is helpful and productive. Strong real estate leaders do not feel the need to lecture and ramble about practices and data. Instead, they spend more time listening to those around them and providing thoughtful and constructive feedback. A significant part of being a Realtor is listening to the needs and expectations of the client. A strong manager will model this type of active listening, both in the office and out on the field. When your agents feel that you are truly listening, they are much more likely to come to you with questions, feedback or concerns.

2. They are focused and organized

Real estate is a fast-paced industry, and it can be easy to get distracted and overwhelmed. A strong real estate leader can step back and see the big picture, prioritize, and keep everyone focused on the most important tasks at hand. They are ready and willing to jump in to help an agent who feels like they are falling behind, and can offer tools and strategies to help everyone feel more productive. Regardless of the status of the market, Realtors should be able to count on their leaders to know what is going on and help them be successful. Everyone feels better and does better when they are doing work that matters. A strong leader can constantly redirect their team to doing the work that not only produces the highest ROI, but also makes each person feel empowered and appreciated.

3. They are committed coaches

A successful Realtor never stops learning and is dedicated to staying on top of market trends and real estate law, and strives to know everything they can about their niche market and work towards being a neighbourhood expert. One way Realtors can continue their education is by learning from their leaders. A strong real estate leader will always share tips, tricks, and education with their agents, and encourage their agents to pursue continued real estate education in the form of training academies, classes, and workshops, in order to stay competitive. As a real estate leader, you should have a vast understanding of the market and be willing to share their expertise and experiences with others.

4. They are motivators

There is a clear difference between a boss and a leader. A boss tells you what to do, a strong leader shows you how to do it and leads by example. As a real estate manager, you should work to make your team feel empowered. Furthermore, you should motivate them to step out of their comfort zone. You are paramount in an agent’s journey to becoming a professional Realtor. Everyone will be more successful when they feel that they are around people who are willing to coach them and push them. A strong real estate leader will see the potential in every agent, even when you do not see it themselves. Motivating real estate professionals to reach the next level in their careers is an important part of being a successful leader.

5. They are honest and work with integrity

Since real estate is a people-focused business, the way you treat people is paramount in your success. The way you treats those in your office and your clients says a lot about your character. Realtors want to work with someone who has a strong work ethic, that they can trust and can hold accountable.

6. They are good communicators

As a real estate leader, you could know everything there is to know about the industry. But, if you cannot communicate effectively, you will not be successful. And when you struggle, so does your team. A strong real estate leader will listen more than he/she talks, will respond quickly to phone calls and emails, and will be able to communicate goals, strategy, and expectations clearly.

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