What Clients Are Expecting From Their Realtors

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What Clients Are Expecting From Their Realtors

Successful Realtors know that their clients depend on them to be professional, educated, ethical, knowledgeable, and passionate about the real estate industry. They also know that their clients expect a lot from them, including quick response times, tough negotiation strategies, effective time management, and unparalleled customer service. Realtors who know how to exceed the expectations of both buyers and sellers are the most successful in the industry. Read more to see what clients are expecting from their realtors.

What Buyers Are Expecting From Their Realtors

Buyers enlist the help of a Realtor to help them find their dream home. They expect their Realtor to listen carefully to their needs and wants and respect their time by only showing them homes that closely reflect their needs. Understanding what clients are expecting from their realtors is crucial to servicing them in the best way possible.

Rapid Response Times

Buyers expect their Realtors to be responsive. Timing is crucial when buying a home, and trusting that they can reach you quickly at a moment’s notice is one of the most important things to a buyer. Buyers expect rapid response times from their Realtor, even if the response is not a detailed answer. A quick “I’ll call you about this when I get back to the office” is sufficient for most buyers. They want to know that you have seen their messages, that their concerns and questions are essential, and that you respect their schedule.

Neighbourhood Experts

Buyers expect their Realtors to be neighborhood experts. If they wanted to drive all around town and hope to stumble across the right home, they would do that. But that is not what most buyers want. Most buyers expect their Realtor to have an intimate and in-depth knowledge of the area and use their expertise to narrow down the home search. Buyers expect their Realtor to know more about the home and the neighborhood than meets the eye. They want information only the locals have, such as the quickest route from the house to downtown, the options for education, and the best places to hang out on a Friday night. Buyers expect their Realtors to give them information that they could not otherwise get themselves.


The home buying process is a very detail-specific process; one that requires extensive experience and education to understand fully. Buyers expect their Realtor to have a strong understanding of each step of the home buying process. They want to feel secure in the fact that their Realtor is handling all of the behind the scenes work, is taking care of the details, and is confident in his/her role in completing the transaction. One mistake, one forgotten deadline or document could mean the difference between closing on their dream home and losing their dream home. Realtors are expected to be well-versed and competent when it comes to the transaction process.

What Sellers Are Expecting From Their Realtors

A successful Realtor understands that they can not use the same strategies, tools, and resources to impress a seller as they do with a buyer. While sellers also expect their Realtors to have fast response times, be neighborhood experts, and be knowledgeable about the home selling process, home sellers have slightly different expectations for their Realtor, so it’s important to understand what clients are expecting from their realtors.

Financially Focused

While buyers want their Realtors to help them save money, sellers expect their Realtors to help them make money. At the end of the day, sellers expect their Realtors to pull out all of the stops to get the highest offer. They want their Realtor to help them maximize their ROI and walk away with the money they expected. This is no easy feat, and some sellers may make this part of the job very difficult, but it is one of the most common expectations for Realtors from sellers: to make money.

Expert Negotiators

Part of making money on a home sale comes from expert negotiation techniques. Sellers will expect their Realtors to not back down from a negotiation, to always come to the table with the seller’s best interest in mind. This means pricing the home competitively and knowing how to upgrade the house to increase the overall value. Sellers expect confident go-getters, not someone who will just sit on the sidelines.

Objective and Transparent

Another thing sellers expect from their Realtor is open and objective information. They trust that their real estate professional will keep them involved in the home buying process, and always present them with all of the facts. Sellers need to know that they have all of the correct information in front of them before moving from one stage of the selling process to the next. Sellers can not afford to be out of the loop or to have outdated or incorrect information. A Realtor must be extremely detail oriented and organized to make sure the seller feels heard and like they are a vital part of the home selling process, not just a spectator.

Calm and Confident

Selling a home can be fast-paced and intense sometimes, but sellers expect their Realtors to be able to be the calm in the storm. They need their Realtors to handle approaching deadlines and constant waves of new information with poise and confidence. Many times during a home sale, there are a lot of factors that could overwhelm a Realtor or cloud their judgment. Sellers expect their Realtors to remain calm and confident even when things are stressful.

A successful Realtor is one that can switch their game plan and strategies based on their clients’ needs. Real estate is not a one size fits all, cookie-cutter industry. What works with one client will be ineffective with another. Your ability to be flexible when it comes to the needs and expectations of your clients is what will set you apart from the competition.

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