Turning Your Part-Time Real Estate Job Into A Rewarding Career

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Turning Your Part-Time Real Estate Job Into A Full-Time Rewarding Career

Have you been doing your part-time real estate job for a while now? The glorious thing about the real estate industry is that is a people-centered business. It is built around helping other people make major life decisions, while still being as flexible and as profitable as you make it. If you’ve dabbled in real estate here and there and have been thinking about doing it full time, there can be many things to consider. However, a career in real estate is something that you can do now without putting your life on hold. You can start turning your part-time real estate job into a rewarding full-time career today. Some of the most successful real estate agents in the industry started as part-timers, fitting showings and paperwork and meetings with clients in between their 9-5 job until it eventually grew into something they could do full time.

If you’ve been doing real estate on the side for a while and wonder what’s next for you, here are four ways that you can start turning your part-time real estate job into a full-time, rewarding career:

Before we start, we’re going to assume that you’ve:

  • Completed your real estate license application
  • Passed the license exam
  • Obtained your license
  • Taken (or at least signed up for) continuing education courses
  • Completed your real estate license application
  • Joined a brokerage in your area and
  • Have access to the MLS

If you’re missing any of these steps, complete them before moving forward. The first step in a becoming a successful full-time real estate agent is building the foundation part-time, and when it’s solid enough, transitioning to full time. Here’s how:

1. Focus on Quality Over Quantity

As a part-time real estate agent, your focus should be on providing quality services to the clients you have. Even if you start with a small client base, 1-2 clients a month, giving them unparalleled service is what is going to build your brand as you grow. As you work part-time, your goal should not be to scoop up as many clients as you can. Instead, you want to give the clients you do have a quality experience, so they tell their friends and family about you. This is how you grow your business organically. As you do this, you’ll learn practices that work (and that don’t work) that you can carry into your future as a full time real estate agent.

2. Set Realistic Goals

Setting realistic goals and writing them down (there’s power in writing down your goals!) is one of the most important steps in making the jump from part-time to full-time. Set a deadline for when you want to start as a full-time agent officially, so you know how much time you have to get everything in order. Determine your why. Why do you want to do real estate full time? To pay your bills, have a little extra fun money, or buy that yacht you’ve had your eye on? When you have a clear vision of where you want to go and what you want to do, you’ll be able to prioritize your steps as a part timer to make the successful shift to full time.

3. Have A Financial Plan

Before you say goodbye to your day job, it’s recommended to set aside enough money to cover your expenses for six months before jumping into real estate full time. Use the time you’re working your 9-5 and doing part-time real estate to save up a nice financial reserve to get you through the beginning stages of your new career. Relying solely on credit cards and not being prepared are three ways to ensure you end up drowning in debt and working hard to pay it off before you ever see a profit. Unexpected expenses will arise, and you need to have a lump of cash on hand to take care of these things instead of letting them set you back.

4. Create A Solid Team

As we’ve mentioned before, real estate is more about people than it is about property. It’s a people-centered business, which means you have to center yourself around people who can help you. While you have the time, create a solid network of people that you can trust to be there for you when business starts booming. From brokers to property inspectors and tax professionals, find a team of industry professionals who you can count on to help you sell homes and close deals.

It also doesn’t hurt to surround yourself with people who are richer, smarter and more successful than you. Soak up their advice now, so that you can learn from their mistakes instead of learning the hard way. Seek out a mentor who has experience in the industry who you can go to as your career gets going.

With a solid team, a solid plan and a commitment to excellence, you can be on your way to turning your part-time real estate job into a full-time, rewarding career. You can experience the challenge and excitement of a career in real estate by taking the time to build a strong foundation from the beginning. The beautiful thing about real estate is that you don’t have to have all of the answers to get started. It’s a learn-as-you-go kind of profession, and it can be an exciting and profitable career change. With a little patience and planning, you can jump from part-time results to full-time success in the dynamic world of real estate.

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