Prepare Your Home For Sale

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Prepare Your Home For Sale – Like a Pro…Easy!

Prepare your home for sale: When you’re prepping your home to sell, the main thing you have to bear in mind right from the beginning – first impressions count. As soon as a potential buyer sees your house they will start building a fully personalized interpretation in their mind of what it would be like if they lived there.

When you prepare your home for sale, first impressions are absolutely paramount. You want to create a place where a person could see how their life fits into it, with the space in each room to breathe, where the potential buyer can imagine living in the house as their home.

The first step in how to prepare your home for sale is to psychologically move out. You need to remove the fragments of your life from those rooms to make the space for another person to psychologically move in. Strip your house down to the simple things that make it function. Ideally, you will have emotionally moved out of the house before your first viewer calls, before you even begin to do the practical aspects.

If you prepare your home for sale in the correct ways, it can reduce the amount of time on the market, reduces the number of showings, and maximize the selling price. Here are the main things you need to consider when you prepare your home for sale.

Clean Up!

Top of our list, and we really can’t stress this enough; clean up! When you prepare your home for sale, you can’t just give things a quick wipe. You have to get right into the detail and really make it sparkle. A clean bathroom is a sign of a clean house. Our pro tip is to take extra care on the grout and buy a new shower curtain, bath mat, and remove those toiletries.

If you prepare your home for sale correctly, you’ll have to tidy up outside of the house as well. Remember, first impressions count. You want to create the best curb appeal you can. A well-manicured lawn and pretty borders could make all the difference. Our pro tip is a fresh coat of paint on the front door. Does yours need it?

You might need to make a few general repairs when you prepare your home for sale. We’re not talking about big jobs like a new roof or anything. You have to take care of those little things that just need fixing up. Regular things like a broken light fitting or a chip in the plaster.


We really can’t stress the importance of de-cluttering enough when you prepare your home for sale. Not only do fewer things make a room look bigger, it also frees up the space for the potential buyer to imagine their things in your house. It lets them begin to mentally move in.

Overflowing closets may give the impression that there’s a storage problem, so you really need to sort through those. You also want to have no items on the kitchen counter tops. Our pro tip: if you have a lot of furniture, rent a storage room to free up space within your house.


Your viewer might struggle to make a connection with the house if you have a lot of your personal items around. They will only ever feel like they’re visiting your home. It’s better to put away all your things like family photos and kids drawings before you even take photos. This comes back to mentally moving out before you prepare your home for sale. Decide what to take early, and get it all prepped and packed to go.

We also recommend you leave the house during the viewing. Not only does this let the agent do their work, it also allows the buyer the space to breathe and to imagine it as their home. It also gives them the right to play with the fixtures and fittings without feeling like they’re picking at your problems.


There is nothing better than natural scents for a subconscious welcoming feeling. Air fresheners tend to smell like air fresheners. An overuse of artificial smells might have the opposite effect of what you are trying to create. Better to create natural odors which people like.

When you prepare your home for sale, you have to prepare your air too. Open all the windows and let the air get into your house. Let your house air regularly and for as long as you can. Open it up completely, including closets and bathrooms.

When you have a buyer coming to view the property, think about adding a natural smell that people like. Our pro tip is coffee. It’s a winner, especially if you can capture that fresh roast smell right throughout your house. Baking cakes and bread are other good natural smells.


There are professional staging companies that will prepare your home for sale to maximize its potential. More information can be found in our blog about staging your property.

When you prepare your home for sale, you want to try to look at it like it is the first time you saw it. Notice the things that have become commonplace to you. With a good clean up inside and out, general repairs, and a ruthless declutter and depersonalize, you can prepare your home for sale and take control in making this move happen.

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