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We help you build a strong career with our personal oriented approach and the best up-to-date tools to boost your business.

Jovi Realty has a career opportunity for you! 

The Jovi Advantage

Agent Training

Mentorship Programs

Marketing Services & Tools

Training our agents is a responsibility we take very seriously, we make sure each new realtor becomes a leading expert of the field, we provide a complete and updated education with our variety of courses to enrich your career and give you the knowledge you need to be successful.

Each agent will count on the help and guidance of our experienced realtors to help you learn and get the confidence you need during the first steps of your career as a realtor. We believe on the importance of sharing knowledge and practicing to achieve outstanding results!

We work hand in hand with experienced real estate marketing experts to help you start your business will every marketing material or tool you may need so you can focus on what you do best – closing the deal.



Lead Generation

Branding is a key factor for a long and successful career, that's why we help you build your own personal brand to showcase your best self and make you stand out in the business. Our real estate marketing experts will make sure you have a unique brand to represent your business in the most effective way!

Our strong and focused lead generating system allow us to provide our realtors with leads to help you get constant deal opportunities and keep your career always as active and growing as possible.

Low Fees


We are proud to have one of the lowest and most accessible fees in the market. We are constantly working on keeping our realtors motivated and helping them with everything that can make their lives easier.

Our people are our priority that's why we got that personal touch we believe to be essential for every business to succeed. Our managing broker is available 24/7 for any help you may need. We make sure you can count on us as your team through each step and process of your raising career. We got your back!

At Jovi Realty

We believe in people, we know that a successful team is formed by individuals with passion and different skills that along with the best and latest tools, and a great support system can be unstoppable. That's why we make sure to provide each of our realtors all the tools necessary from the very beginning and through each step of their successful journey with us.

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"We differentiate ourselves by always going above and beyond for both our clients and team. We understand that the true value of Jovi is it's people, a strong team that is valued my each ones unique strengths."

Networking Opportunities

We offer a variety of networking opportunities to help our agents connect and continue growing in the business.  




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