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Welcome, Brad Moldowan!

Jovi Realty is growing with many new realtors and industry professionals.

Today lets meet Brad Moldovan, a very experienced realtor who is now a business manager/associate broker in Jovi realty.

We asked him a couple of questions and let’s see what he has to say about himself…

When and how did you decide to be a real estate agent?

About 10 years ago, after selling my interest in business within another industry, I found myself at a crossroads and so I made the decision to peruse a career in real estate. To be honest, I was not sure with who or how I would build my business but I was certain (and it remains so) that if my focus was to guide and council a clientele who need direction, I would feel fulfilled. so far… so good!

Brad Moldowan Jovi realtyHow do you specialize?

I have been practicing real estate throughout the Lower Mainland as an Associate Broker, REALTOR®, Senior Real Estate Specialist®, and Managing Broker for almost a decade.

Early on, I chose to interact and focus on two separate and distinct clientele; first-time home buyers and seniors who are looking to downsize. Yes, each is unique in their own way but both share a common need for a particularly attentive, respectful, caring, and capable real estate professional who can lead them through the unfamiliar and complicated territory. I hold a deep respect for my clients; regardless of age. I am careful with their trust. I listen with patience and I know the right questions to ask to get the answers that are needed to help them. I work hard to serve my clients’ needs and believe that communication is key. I understand how emotional and stressful it can be (sometimes for the entire family) to make a move in a new and life-changing direction. I appreciate the challenges you will face throughout these monumental episodes. As such, count on me to present all available options, so that the outcome is one that will suit your immediate and long-term needs. Simply put, I do business the old-fashioned way; always with the purpose to help my clients move forward in their lives, with the least amount of stress possible.

How did you decide to join Jovi Realty? What are your business targets?

It can take a while to master the subtleties of our chosen profession. As one door closes, another opens and I was introduced to Jovi’s Management team. Although I continue to learn each day, my years of experience as a REALTOR® and as a Managing Broker has provided me with clarity, understanding and approach to our brokerage, the industry, our clientele and the REAL needs of our REALTORS®.

My primary purpose at Jovi Realty is to provide support to both management and our family of REALTORS® to ultimately provide a level of service to our clientele that is unmatched anywhere else.

How do you describe yourself as a personality?

Please describe yourself as a person, whether or both in personal or business life. How would your friends describe you, what are your strengths etc…
In no particular order, I see myself as friendly, honest, straightforward, respectful, kind, caring, equally serious and silly, fun-loving, witty, jovial, dedicated, loyal and engaging.

What do you do in your free time?

Mostly, I’m an obsessed and over-enthusiastic husband and dad. I have a vested interest in seeing my two kids succeed, achieve and be happy. As such, over time I have been the Coach/ Manager/Taxi Driver etc. for a number of their activities over the years (Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Wrestling, Dance, Pony Club). When I’m not doing dad stuff, I have been known to help out a local food bank on Thursday mornings and at other times, I point my efforts toward the ASK Friendship Center in Vancouver; a welcoming destination designed for seniors who have chronic health challenges or who have difficulty meeting their own social needs. I try to give whenever and however I can.

What is your favourite spot in the Vancouver area? What do you like doing there the most?

To me, it is not what you do or where you go but rather who you are with. That said, as long as I have my family by my side, I’m happiest. I enjoy being outdoors and tend to spend my free time tending to our family garden and also cooking, creating and entertaining for our family and friends.

Where is your favourite travel destination?

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to spend a fair amount of time travelling throughout the world From Australia to Egypt (and everywhere in between). That said, I’d be happy just about anywhere along the Mediterranean.

Anything else you want to add about yourself…

Maybe later…. :>)


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