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How to Grow Your Business During COVID-19

Tough Times, Extreme Measures

We are going through tough times with the sudden spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Not only in British Columbia or Canada, but the whole world and the economies are suffering these days.

Everyone is required to stay at home, spend as minimum time together and work from home. These limitations are far from what people were expecting to happen, mostly, and now we see the adverse effects of a slowing economy.

Since many economic activities almost halted, companies are making plans to overcome this difficult situation, also without knowing the time frame.

How long will The Crisis Last?

Although no one is sure of how long this crisis would last, we can make some assumptions based on the facts.

China has been able to get things in control pretty much in three months, but with stringent rules and with extraordinary sacrifice. The good thing is that, now, we know more about the virus and how it is spreading.

Also, now, there is a lot of research about the use of medicine and how it may help patients recover.

Considering these facts and many analyses made, it is expected the situation would probably improve in 2-3 months. Of course, the economic recovery then may take up to 6 months.

How to Improve Your Business – Opportunities for Clients and Agents

It is always wise to think in terms of business that every crisis brings its opportunities. Let’s see what we can do to use this unique period to grow our business and improve our business practices.

Your Clients Are at Home Too!

Yes, you may be stuck at home, but your clients are at home too! They are not busy working, they are not on holiday, and they don’t have so many excuses not to be in touch.

So, now, it is the best time to reconnect with your clients, find new ones and improve your relationship. It is much easier to reach them, have a chance to talk, understand them better and prepare the best plans for their benefit.

Send them emails, call them at appropriate hours, share documents and make online meetings to discuss.

Make Research – Know Your Business

Real estate is a consultancy business. More you know, the more you can share with your clients as an insight. So use this time wisely to learn your area/region better.

You are not supposed to interact with people, but it is possible to drive. Why not use this chance to visit the areas/regions that you would like to know and understand better? See for yourself before advising your clients. The look and feel of the communities are critical. So see for yourself which areas are family-friendly, how is the commute, what are the parks like and all other essential details of a district, will make you an expert in the area. IMPORTANT NOTE: WITH A STRICT RULE of not interacting with people. Just see around and come back home.

You can now take better pictures(with fewer people around), videos of the districts to be able to use for later in your presentations and or in your communication.

Also, make intensive research of your target district in terms of the houses sold, lowest and highest house prices for specific areas, benchmark prices, buildings in your area, specific costs for your assessments, and so on.

You now have the time you have been looking for to be a better expert in your district, so use it!

Improve Yourself – Read and Watch Materials

We always have a long list of things to do, books to read or videos to watch to improve ourselves.

Learn more about organizing your work, improve yourself to make better presentations to your clients, preparing financial reports, simulations, or many other things for your personal improvement.

Nowadays, many universities, libraries are opening up their archives for the use of the public for free. We will probably see more online webinars. You may as well be a member of one of the online education channels to watch videos about your preferred topic.

Take these social distancing days as a chance to do all the things you have been hoping to do someday.

Everybody is Online These Days! Start Marketing Your Business

Do you have social media channels? Did you ever try shooting a video for your YouTube channel? Or do you have an email list of your clients?

Now that everybody is online, it is an excellent opportunity to reach your clients via any of these channels. Set up your social media channels if you don’t have them. Start posting, start sending regular emails to your potential clients and inform them of the market and current situations.

There are many online materials to help you learn more about these. You may always contact JOVI Realty to learn what you can do better about your marketing efforts.

Take this chance to create marketing materials that you can use later when this period is over and when we are back at the business.

Now it is most vital that we do our best to protect our health as well as our families. Please make this a priority. But also use this particular period as an opportunity to get prepared for the coming, which the business will take off.

Please feel free to CONTACT US anytime to learn more details about the market. Our realtors will update you about the market trends and help you make the best decision for you and your family!

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