Benefits to Staging When Selling Your Property

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Benefits to Staging When Selling Your Property

If you are currently considering selling your home, you are going to need to start evaluating your home seven seconds at a time. Researchers from NYU have determined that people make their first impressions within that time frame. Thus, it should come as no surprise that prospective home buyers apply that same rule to determine if a property could be the place they may want to call home.

Having your home immaculately clean is not enough to get your home sold in today’s world. Buyers want to walk in and see a home that is not only well cared for but also impeccably put together.

It’s no wonder that professional home stagers play a crucial role during the selling process. Not only are they able to beat the seven-second first impression test, but they can also make any home the one every buyer desires, allowing for shorter days on market and higher overall sales prices.

Top Benefits of Home Staging

Everyone says that by staging a home, you can sell faster and for better value. But how so? What’s the logic behind it?

Staged Homes are Easier to Visualize.

Vacant homes can be difficult to sell, especially if they aren’t of a traditional layout. Without an idea of how the furniture can be laid out, buyers may have a hard time seeing themselves and their belongings in a particular space. Having a stager bring in furnishings and staging multiple rooms of the home give buyers visual clues of the best way to set up their furnishings.

Stagers have a strategy for each space that they set up.

Stagers are very strategic in the way they set up each space. For example, staging a single-family home will certainly differ from that of a bachelor suite; in the single-family home, they’ll set up the space to be kid-welcoming, making it a cozy environment so that potential families can imagine growing their family in the space. Whereas a bachelor suite will have more trendy decors and have the living space set up so that people can envision hosting evening or weekend parties, etc. It’s all about staging the property in a way that’ll attract its potential buyers in the most effective way possible. And what’s even more important is that professional stagers know how to find the balance between decorating a space well without personalizing it too much that it only appeals to a certain group of audience.

Staged Properties Will Attract More Online Buyers.

According to NAR, 90% of home buyers start shopping online, and one of the first things they look at are the listing pictures. If your home doesn’t look amazing online, buyers probably will decide to skip your home and move on to view other listings.

Home Stagers know what will make your photos pop and make buyers want to check out your home. Aside from overpricing, homes that have poor quality photos or don’t show the home to its best advantage are the top two reasons a home will stay stale on an otherwise hot market.

Be sure to utilize a staging professional!

Staging consultations prior to listing a home are becoming increasingly more common as agents and sellers are realizing how much the benefits far outweigh the costs. Having a staging professional go room by room to make all changes needed, as well as give tips on increasing your property’s curb appeal will give you an amazing edge over your competition. Not only so, but you will also be reaping excellent returns at settlement, and will be glad to have hired a professional stager during this process!

Not sure where to find a home stager? Connect with us today and we’ll help set up a personal consultation of your home.