Becoming a Realtor with Jovi Realty

Becoming A Realtor® at Jovi Realty

The support for our agents does not cease the moment they successfully obtain their real estate license. In fact, it is quite the opposite here at Jovi Realty. We understand that our success is only a reflection of your success, which is why we take a people-centric approach by heavily investing into our agents.

As a licensed Realtor® at Jovi Realty, we will help develop your personal brand that will allow you to make your mark in this industry, provide a robust ongoing mentorship program to assist you in every step of your journey, and pave the path to an established network for generating leads for you. With that being said, there is no shortage of resources that can help bridge you ever closer to your real estate career goals.

Collateral Package

We will provide our agents with a set of professionally-designed marketing packages that are mindfully customized to encompass their needs and personal branding. Each marketing package will exhibit an emotional appeal that communicates a unique and richly-reward customer experience in the buying and selling process.

The marketing materials we provide include:

Presentation folders
Feature sheets
Social Media
Bus Ads
Business Card
Buyer Guide
Seller Guide
Photography & Videography

Lead Generation

Every Realtor® only desires one thing: leads. When you join Jovi Realty, you can tap into our vast network, including our exclusive buyer network abroad, so that you can focus your efforts in closing the deal while the leads are being generated for you. The combination of sound marketing tools and our established Jovi Network allow our Realtors® to expand their client base and to serve their clients wholeheartedly.

Enhancing Online Presence

Let our team help construct your own personal website so that prospective clients can search for you on the Internet effortlessly, thus strengthening your presence in the online space.

Personal Brand Development

Creating a personal brand is imperative to establishing your unique identity so you can stand out from the crowd. Our team will work with you to achieve a distinctive brand image that will eradicate any doubt of your professional credibility. Every element of your branding will showcase who you are while accentuating your strengths. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Dedicated Mentorship

Our Leadership Team are dedicated educators who are available around the clock to provide the needed support. They are well-respected mentors who can offer an abundance of knowledge and are committed to shaping your career into a success. Whether you are having challenges with completing the intricacies of a contract or trying to perfect your negotiation techniques, they will be there providing valuable guidance at every step.

Support in Every Aspect

Our culture is built on collaboration, respect, honesty, and most importantly, transparency. Ultimately, we believe knowledge sharing is the foundation in which we’ve built our successes on. With that said, leveraging off of another’s expertise, insights, and experience is highly encouraged.

One of the ways we accomplish this is by hosting periodic meetings that act as a platform for sharing advice, brainstorming ideas, and inviting guest speakers for motivational talks. We do not believe in any information is privy to only certain individuals. This is the level of support Realtors® can expect when they join us.

Sense of Community

We think an active lifestyle is one of the main ingredients to success and happiness. We believe this includes giving back to the community. Jovi Realty is proud and determined to be involved in civic engagements. We are passionate, empowered, and encouraged to actively partake in volunteer activities and environmentally-friendly initiatives. Join the Jovi Family to be a part of something rewarding, whether it’s professionally or personally.

Let us help you achieve your real estate goals with the right tools and mentorship.

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