Real Estate Training Academy

We believe the best way to build a successful team is to invest in the people you bring onboard. At Jovi Realty, we do this by offering an extensive, hands-on continuing education in the business of real estate. We support our team members every step of the way by offering them all the tools necessary to succeed, because we hold all of our realtors to the highest standards of excellence.

Build a Successful Real Estate Career

We want our realtors to enhance their skills every chance they get so they can build a successful real estate career. We offer a variety of immersive, interactive courses that provide our agents with invaluable insights to securing, building, and expanding their real estate business. For Jovi realtors, mentorship, leadership, and active learning are not just words or concepts—they are what we live by.


Jovi realtors care deeply about their clients because, for us, real estate is more than just a numbers game. It’s about the people. Whether clients come to us with dreams about home ownership or they are seeking to sell a home that’s been in the family for generations, they know that we truly care about them; it goes beyond making the commission. We pride ourselves in caring for our clients and servicing their needs above and beyond the status quo because we are building relationships as we expand our business.

Jovi Realty Academy

Our Training Courses Include:

Jovi Sales Program

Our comprehensive sales programs are effective for both new and experienced sales consultants alike because we share our real-world experiences to inform and guide the course depending upon what’s going on in the current and constantly evolving marketplace.

Managers’ Program

Through this innovative program we seek to empower team leaders to take their operations to new levels. Our managers’ program covers areas like effective leadership, coaching techniques, strategic marketing, financial planning, and new technology.

Specialists’ Training

Our clients deserve the very best representation, so we know that by offering specialized training and workshops, it’s a win-win for everyone. Choose from classes in commercial real estate, residential property management, urban development, rural buying and selling, or auctioneering.

Ongoing Mentorship and Personal Development

We constantly seek ways to provide further education and professional development for our agents. Jovi realtors never settle for just good. We constantly find ways for self improvement, and those who are ready to learn, we’re here to share all the knowledge we have.

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