4 Things to Consider Prior to Home Renovation

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You have probably seen the TV shows, there is a whole channel dedicated solely to home renovations, and for a good reason.
Renovations are a popular alternative to moving, especially if you are attached to your family home and the memories that you have created there. And the upside is that when (and if) you do decide to move, you have added value to the house, increasing the re-sale potential. However, there are a lot of planning and work that goes into these home renovations, so it’s important to consider all the factors before diving into the process.

Consider Any / All Renovation Restrictions

Depending on the property, if you live in a detached or semi-detached house, there can be restrictions to what you can do or alter. As well, some permits are required prior to construction, and approvals upon completion. Always check with the city, particularly with add-ons, or your building’s strata before undertaking any property-altering construction.

Hire Contractors with Credentials

We can’t stress enough the importance of hiring contractors that have the reputation, references, and results behind them; that way you can be sure of the quality in their work. The same due diligence applies to engineers and architects. A trustworthy and reputable contractor will go a long way in ensuring that the job will get done well.

If it is a minor renovation and you’re looking to take on the project yourself, it’s highly recommended to get a second opinion before initiating any work as underlying structural damages may cause unexpected immense headaches.

Consult an Interior Designer

Many people that undertake a renovation will hire a professional designer who is able to provide a bird’s eye view of the property or space and what the possibilities are. They can also marry your tastes to the latest trends and textile options to create a clean and cohesive theme throughout.

Budget for Unexpected Costs

Make sure you have set aside enough of a renovation budget to account for all the unforeseen expenses that may pop up. Homes have a lot of hidden costs that may not be visible at the outset. Structural integrity, bringing existing work up-to-code, mold and water damage are some common occurrences. As is the additional cost of temporary housing, and any construction delays that can increase your time out of the property. Be sure to take all these factors and costs into consideration.

With sufficient preparation and planning ahead of time, home renovations can be an enjoyable process and valuable learning experience.

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