Jacob Brkopac

Jacob Brkopac

Jacob Brkopac


I grew up in athletics and transitioned to the Arts and finished a diploma in Theatre from Douglas College. I then pursued acting in film and TV and soon found myself modeling abroad. I have worked in the service industry serving during this time as well. I have a background in Theatre/Film/Service Industry/Sports.

Athletics has instilled a discipline and commitment which translates to accountability as well as understanding that success is rooted in team-play and effective communication. My studies and work in the arts has allowed me to understand the human aspects of our soul. This work has shaped my ability to remain vulnerable yet grounded which helps me connect with clients on a personal level. Serving has been an invaluable experience that has taught me to put the needs of my customers first, and I thrive fulfilling them. I found my love for customer service blossomed as a server and I take great pride and fulfillment in going above and beyond my customers needs so that they feel special and taken care of.

My strongest skill is effectively communicating to clients exactly what needs to be said in a way that provides comfort and security that I’m the right person for them. The advantage my clients have working with me is that I won’t deliver a product or provide a service that they aren’t happy with, because I’m not pleased with my work if my client isn’t happy. And I won’t stop working for them until they feel that way, no matter how long that process takes.

I am new to the Real Estate industry which means I have the luxury of more time of which I can spend with my clients to make sure no stone goes unturned.

My areas of expertise are in the Vancouver and Richmond market.

  • Language: English