Calvin Vo

Calvin Vo PREC*

Calvin Vo PREC*


Born in Taiwan and raised in Canada, Calvin Vo is originally from Eastern Canada, with a background in graphic design and business marketing. Calvin has been working with John for the past 6 years and is a true professional in every aspect. He is able to apply his knowledge help bring Jovi Realty to the next level in the competitive Vancouver real estate market.

武凱文 – 市场营销专家出生于台湾,成长于加拿大,Calvin 最初是在加拿大东部,具备平面设计和商业营销背景。在过去 6 年 Calvin 一直与 John 一起工作,他在各方面都是非常专业的。他能运用他的知识,帮助实现 Jovi 地产在竞争激烈的温哥华房地产市场达到一个新的层次。

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  • Language: English, Vietnamese, French, Mandarin